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We at Genell Support are committed to our belief that every vulnerable young person is just one supportive adult away from thriving. In our mission to achieve this, we have developed our innovative CARES Therapeutic Support framework and our Moving On Programme.


We provide ongoing therapeutic support to every young person within our service at no additional cost to their local authorities. Our CARES Therapeutic Framework provides an evidence-informed, strengths-based approach to the support we provide. It draws attention to conventional aspects of support and relates that support to achieving optimal outcomes for young people. CARES is trauma informed and exists to supports recovery for young people who may have experienced stressful events in their lives. CARES is also a practice framework that supports the delivery of accountable services aiming to optimise positive outcomes for young people.


Central to our CARES Therapeutic Framework is the development of knowledge and understanding of the reasons why young people behave in the way that they do, and competencies that support these reasons being addressed. This is central to addressing one of the main casualties of childhood trauma, namely the experience of not having one’s needs met reliably. Our CARES Therapeutic Framework promotes acknowledging and supporting these needs as a fundamental priority, as opposed to simply addressing behaviours of concern.

The focus is on supporting young people to develop their own understanding of how to implement a therapeutic approach within their own individual circumstances. It is about supporting young people to develop the skills to know what to do, and how to do it - a therapeutic self-care plan.


Many young people face a cliff edge when moving on to independent living, sometimes with little or no support. They are often forced to move great distances from their social and support networks. Their established professional relationships which are key supports for the young person are often completely severed. Young people frequently are given no clear plan for accommodation, and this can often lead to increased vulnerability, negative experiences, and poor outcomes. Our Moving on Program is designed to assist young people moving on from supported living, thereby massively improving their opportunities and chances in life.


Our Moving on Programme has four key elements, and aims to provide graduated support up to 25 years of age. The programme is financially self-supportive, and in fact provides significant savings to local authorities across a range of expenditure currently required to manage the impact of vulnerability, exploitation, and other negative experiences. We hope our programme will be adopted by other supported living providers as an example of how we can make a difference in transitional support for young people.

By removing anxiety and uncertainty around accommodation issues, and by facilitating clear pathway planning, we hope to enable young people to focus on their education, and on attaining the necessary skills and qualifications they need in order to enter employment.

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