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At Genell Support, we believe that social care services exist to safeguard and protect our most vulnerable individuals in society. Genell Support embrace this ethos by giving back through our tailored support packages.


Genell was formed in 2021 with the view to make a difference in the sector.  as a company that has been nominated as a finalist in the Peterborough Small Business Award we think we are achieving our aim. 

We provide a range of new and innovative supported living services for young people aged 16 to 25 years old, who are being supported by their local authorities for a variety of different reasons, including:


  • ​Young people transitioning towards independent living.

  • Young mothers and babies experiencing trauma or difficulty.

  • Young people at risk of trafficking and/or sexual exploitation.

  • Young people at risk of gang affiliation and/or criminal exploitation.

  • Young people with a history of offending behaviour.

  • Young people with an autistic spectrum condition.

  • Unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people.


Our fully staffed supported living homes are in the Cambridgeshire market town of Wisbech, close to the borders of Lincolnshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk, and have been carefully chosen for their comfort, proximity to local services, transport, and other amenities. They are extremely well appointed and have every item you would expect to find in any family home, including PlayStations and X-Boxes, Netflix and Amazon Prime, computers and printers, and warmth and compassion.


We believe that young people being supported by their local authorities should have access to every facility, opportunity, and comfort they might otherwise have missed out on as a result of their experiences, and are committed to providing these without question or qualification. We provide our young people with comforts such as Egyptian cotton bedding, televisions in their bedrooms, and their own individual bathrooms, as it is often the smaller things that can make difficult situations a little easier to navigate.


We pride ourselves on our homes being different in that they really are homes, in every sense of the word, and not just a convenient placement.


Our vision is for Genell Support to set new standards of integrity in the provision of supported living services for young people by putting ethics before profits, and by building a legacy that shapes a new way of delivering social services to looked after young people.

We aim to achieve this vision while also a) reducing the cost to our local authority partners through our not-for-profit fee structures, and b) reducing the longer-term cost to society brought about as a result of young parents and their babies essential needs being left unmet.


We will always involve our young people and team members in the planning and implementation of our initiatives, and look to make a difference for our young people, our team members, and our local communities, in three ways:

  • Local community initiatives - we embrace our social responsibilities and want to give back to our local communities, but we aim to do it differently.

  • Global initiatives - the cause of disadvantaged children is global. Perhaps we cannot change the world, but we can try and provide life-changing experiences for our young parents and babies, and for those young people we support in developing countries such as our children’s home in Nakuru, Kenya.

  • Governance initiatives – the objective of our governance programme is to bring our young people and our team members together, creating a sense of achievement and pride.


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